Have you chosen the right photo? Or do you have an idea you want to bring to life? You
can now click on the contact form!


First of all, I will review your request based on the information and/or the photo you provided and will tell you if it can be made (reply within 48h), in which case, I will send you a quote including the total amount of your order (cost of the piece and shipping costs), as well as an estimate on the realization time.


You will confirm via email, and as soon as the payment has been made, I will register your order and start working on it!

The payment is an acceptance of the quote as well as the General Sales Conditions (GSC).


Once your drawing is done, I can email you a preview if you'd like.


I will then apply the varnish in order to ensure the quality of the drawing/painting throughout the years.

All there is left to do now is send you your drawing/painting!


Drawings and watercolour paintings are carefully wrapped in a cardboard envelop, with the possibility of including a personalized note if you've ordered it as a present. I will then provide you with the tracking number as soon as your order has been shipped.


Pieces on canvas, in acrylic paint, are carefully wrapped first in bubble wrap and then in cardboard to reinforce the packaging and ensure a quality delivery. The tracking number is also provided as soon as the order has been shipped.


The creation time depends on the number of orders as well as the time needed to create your drawing/painting ; an estimate will be available on your quote. However, it is highly recommended to place your order at least a few weeks before you wish to receive it. In case of an urgent request, don't hesitate to bring it to my attention and we will discuss it more specifically.


The price of a piece is estimated on a case-by-case basis, depending on various criteria. It will be available on the quote. I encourage you to contact me via the contact form in order to give you more information, which will help to get a better idea of the price regarding your order. Payment is required upon ordering. There are different options to choose from:
– Bank transfer
– Payment by check 
Terms and conditions will be given in an email in good time.


The exchanges we will have before you place your order are very important as they help me understand your expectations in order to create the perfect piece you are expecting.


Let me bring your attention to the fact that a realistic finish of a drawing depends on the quality of the photo provided. The sharper, brighter and more contrasted the photo, the more detailed and realistic the drawing. 

The sharpness of the image is crucial. To give you an idea, you should be able to see as many details as possible when zooming in. In case of a portrait, the photo should ideally be taken up close in order to catch the facial expressions and contrasts.


As a professional artist – painter, Ka Dovani reserves the right to keep a digital copy of every portraits for professional presentations.