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Artiste professionnelle, je réalise sur commande l'oeuvre de votre choix.

Du portrait aux crayons, en passant par une toile abstraite en peinture acrylique, tout projet est à discuter (formulaire de contact à votre disposition) ;


Que ce soit pour vous-même ou pour vos proches, les occasions sont nombreuses (anniversaire, mariage, naissance, fêtes familiales, guérison, obtention de dîplome, etc...), et recevoir une œuvre unique et personnalisée est toujours très apprécié:)


Je vous invite à découvrir mes réalisations dans la galerie (ici), et vous souhaite une agréable visite !


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My Art.


As a professional artist, I create your choice of art.
From portraits to pencils, as well as acryclic or watercolour abstract art, every request is to discuss (a contact form is available for you).

Whether it'd be for you, a relative or a friend, occasions are numerous (birthday, wedding, birth, family gatherings, healing, graduation, etc), and receiving a unique and customised piece of art is always appreciated !

You will find all my creations in the gallery, enjoy your visit !


Great precision is highly necessary with pencil drawing. The paper grain, the choice of colour, the angle of the lead, the pressure applied to the pencil... Every detail, every line matters. A slight change can alter the look of an entire piece.
I do have a preference for drawing in black and white – as you will quickly notice when scrolling through the gallery – because it allows a vast interplay of light and shadow.

Most of my pencil drawings are made from photos, on A4 format.
In the case of a specific or personal request, you will receive the original drawing (unframed).

When ordering existing pieces, you will receive a copy of the original art printed by a local publisher (unframed).
When discussing your order, I will be happy to guide you in order to find the right way to frame your piece. However, you should know that simplicity is key, and framing a drawing will add a finishing touch to it without taking anything away from the art itself. The final product is a 30x40cm format, whose frame will adapt to all interior designs.


Often abstract, my paintings are part of crazy, lively, intense moments... or on the contrary, calm, peaceful, relaxed ones. My painting rhymes with letting go, especially when the work is abstract.

I sometimes do figurative art for specific requests, for instance when the painting is to celebrate a birth and is meant to decorate a child's room. In that case, the request needs to be more detailed and information regarding the birth are given based on what you would like to see on the canvas (name, date, height, weight, zodiac sign, etc).

A project for any occasion or event is obviously possible once we have discussed the details and your expectations.

On a more technical note, I use acrylic paint on cotton canvases. Borders are also painted in order to make it easier for you to hang your painting without framing it.
I also use watercolours, on sheets specifically made for this style.




Autodidact, I have been drawing and painting since I was a kid.

The moments I spend drawing are untouched by time : it truly is a form of meditation. Forgetting about everything for hours at a time, fully focused on what is taking shape in front of me.

Then comes the satisfaction of a complete piece, the final result, with which comes new meetings, encouraging and benevolent criticisms... Every step of the process brings happiness along.

Between brushes and pencils, I keep on improving, on doing what I love and on finding happiness in bringing every piece of art to life. Art is an absolute necessity to my well-being and self-fulfillment. I am delighted for you to discover my world!

Enjoy your visit!



pencils stokes samples
Inner Peace

Inner Peace

Pencils Format A4



Pencils Format A4



Pencils Format A4



Pencils Format A4

More drawings here, paintings this way & watercolors here!


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